The biggest question coming into Manny Pacquiao's return fight after his shocking sixth round knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez last year, was whether he was still a capable fighter. Former world champion and tough as nails Brandon Rios was more than willing to find out for himself.

He did.

The rugged banger, Rios, found out the hard way that Pacquiao was still an elite fighter after being peppered with punches from all angles that left lumps and bruises on his face and brought him to tears after the bout. Insulted by being regarded as a "punching bag" for Pacquiao before the fight, Rios did little to belie the title. The 27-year-old couldn't get away from Pacquiao's blinding speed and found himself being hit with punches he couldn't see.

Though he wasn't quite the same devastating fighter he was when he beat Miguel Cotto in 2009 and during the fights that lead up to that, Pacquiao still did enough to prove he still has enough left in the tank for a few more fights.

Pacquiao showed more discipline in his approach, suggesting he has learned a lot from the loss he suffered against Marquez.

The party isn't over yet for Pacquiao, but he sure acted as a "party pooper" to Rios' plans of celebrating the Filipino boxing legend's "retirement bout". He did come in like a wrecking ball like Miley Cyrus as I suggested in my pre-fight column, furthermore he kept sticking his tongue out like the female pop party delinquent sensation each time Pacquiao hit him with a clean punch.

The only party that went on in Macau was the celebration of Pacquiao's fans that their idol is back.

Check out's exclusive photos from Macau courtesy of credentialed ringside photographer Alvin Go by clicking this link.