By:  Jade Sanchez

"If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. " John D. Rockefeller

Many fans expressed sigh of relief when Frankie Edgar finally decided to fight at his natural fighting weight, the featherweight division.  Despite his success in the heavier weight class, MMA fans have always wanted to see him against opponents his size.   A back-to-back loss against the current lightweight champion, Ben Henderson, forced Edgar to come up with a vital decision and dropping to featherweight was the only option. The moment that final thought was nailed down, Edgar was already on the collision course against the world's number 1 featherweight fighter and current UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo.

With 5 "Fight of the Night" honors in his name, Frankie Edgar became a brand name after stripping BJ Penn off his UFC Lightweight Championship belt and defeating him again in their rematch 4 months later.    He is known for his iron chin, wicked speed and incredible conditioning that he can go on for 5 backbreaking rounds still fast and dangerous.  Because of his exciting battles in the cage fighting his heart out from the start down to the wire, Edgar is given the opportunity to challenge for the featherweight title currently held by Jose Aldo of Brazil and despite losing twice in a row. Scheduled to defend the belt was Aldo at UFC 153 but due to a foot injury, the fight was called off.  Now that both fighters are healthy, the fight is on once again and they will headline UFC 156 to be held at the Mandalay Bay Events centeron February 2, 2013.

Jose Aldo won his WEC Featherweight Championship in November of 2009 against Mike Brown and defended it twice before it was promoted as UFC featherweight title after the merging of the two MMA organizations.  He then became the inaugural UFC featherweight champion after stopping Manny Gamburyan in just 2 rounds.  Aldo extended his run defeating Mark Hominick, and Kenny Florian via unanimous decision and Chad Mendes via knock out.

Jose Aldo never backs down from any opponent UFC has in mind. He has fought and shot down the best fighters in his weight class.  He defended his belt for the nth time and he is not about to give it up.   With Frankie Edgar now wanting to make take away his crown, the MMA world will witness a huge event that will showcase two of the best fighters in this generation.  This match has all the makings of an epic rivalry with both fighters in their prime and with the will not only to win but also to dominate the division.  Edgar usually has the speed advantage over his opponents but  Jose Aldo is an explosive fighter who might move on for the kill immediately and stop Frankie Edgar for the first time.  His knockout win over Mendes indicates that the champion can erupt at any moment and can capitalize the tiniest mistake his opponent makes.

Jose Aldo is out to prove that the title belongs to him and whoever has the bravery to challenge him will be put down just like the other challengers who suffered inevitable endings.  Will Frankie Edgar put an end to the 14-fight winning streak of Jose Aldo?   Will he utilize his wrestling background and take the fight to the mat? Aldo is known for his insanely lethal leg kicks.  Will he use it to neutralize the speed of Edgar?  The MMA world asks and UFC 156 carries the answer.

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