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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Glover "The Baker" Teixeira

By: JD Sanchez

In light of his recently shaky MMA career, former UFC light heavyweight champion, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, is in need of an explosive come back to rejuvenate his once flourishing career and he may have finally found the perfect opponent who can’t only give a run for his money but also could potentially give him the kind of competition that he hungers for and that fighter is the ultra-aggressive, Glover Teixeira of Brazil.  He is currently on a 17-fight winning streak and a kind of fighter who will bravely stay in the pocket and “stand and bang” against the former champion or anyone else in his division.  Despite Teixeira’s strong wrestling base, utilizing his speed and power is his preferred strategy to take out his opponents.  Teixieria has graced the octagon just twice but as a well-rounded fighter who is very much comfortable to take the fight to the ground when the going gets tough, he is ready for anything that the UFC veteran has to offer. 

The last time Jackson put someone to sleep was way back in December of 2008 when he knocked Wanderlie Silva out at UFC 92, but, don’t horse around as his right hand has what it takes to put down anyone at the receiving end of the blow. As a striker, Jackson always wants to go for the kill once the fight starts – the explosiveness that made him a superstar in Japan.  However, against highly-skilled wrestlers like his last two opponents, his power was not only knocked off, he was also forced to fight their game as his opponents preferred to close the distance instead of trading blows with him. 

These warriors were scheduled to face each other in UFC 153 but due to Jackson’s unfortunate injury while training, Teixeira went to war in the octagon for the second time against former boxer, Fábio Maldonado  - a bout that proved to be a huge test for the Brazilian journeyman.

Teixeria immediately tagged Maldonado at the start of the bout and showers of blows put Maldonado in all sorts of trouble but the referee gave him the chance to defend and fight back.  Despite Teixieria’s brutal ground and pound from a full mount position, Maldonado managed to get back on his feet and the onslaught resumed.  Just when the referee was on the verge of stopping the fight, Teixeria got clipped that wobbled the Brazilian warrior but that did not stop him from manhandling Maldonado.  The fight was stopped at the end of round 2 at the advice of the ringside physician due the cuts resulting from the sharp punches and elbows of Teixeira.

Jackson Vs. Teixeira has all the elements of an epic combat as both of them are loaded with enough ammos to finish each other.  Jackson has already voiced out his interest to fight in other organizations once his contract obligation with UFC is over.  Will this be his last fight in the octagon even if he racks up a victory?  Will he be back in the mix if he wins in a crushing fashion?  Is this Jackson’s moment to pass over the torch?  Could this be Teixeira’s lottery ticket to stardom?  Can this fight be over in less than a minute given both fighters’ knockout power?  These questions will only get answered when Rampage Jackson and Glover Teixeira squares off come January 26 at the United Center in Chicago Illinois. 

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