Helpful Information About GEICO Auto Insurance Quotes

The competition to get your auto insurance business is strong these days. You can’t hardly turn on the TV without seeing a number of commercials from some of the big name insurance companies. Everyone claims they can save you a great deal of money if you simply sign with them. GEICO auto insurance runs ads stating “15 Minutes Could Save You 15 Percent.” So, is it worth your 15 minutes to get a GEICO Auto Insurance Quote?

GEICO the Company
In case you aren’t familiar with GEICO, this is the company with an ingenious advertising campaign that you can’t hardly miss with a charming little gecko fellow. Although, the commercials are certainly eye-catching, you’ll need to know more about GEICO the insurance company before deciding to get a GEICO quote or signing up for a policy.

Few people realize that the real name of the company is Government Employees Insurance Company, and it was founded in 1936 in Texas. Obviously, this meets the criteria of a long standing company, which is probably not going to go out of business any time soon.

By 2009, this small company started by a husband and wife, had blossomed to more than 9 million policyholders. You might assume their advertising is working, and they must have some competitive rates.

Today, the company is a subsidiary company of Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by the Warren Buffet Corporation. Another good indicator about GEICO is a strong financial standing with A or A+ ratings from the biggest financial rating companies.

Commonly Asked Questions on Auto Insurance Quote Forms
You need to be aware that online car insurance quotes are estimates based on the information you supply on the form. If you supply inaccurate or false information, there is a good likelihood your quotes will not be accurate or realistic.

Filling out the quote form may be easier with a copy of your current declarations page from your auto policy. These are examples of some of the types of information that may be required:

Personal Information:

1. Age, date of birth and gender.
2. Do you own your home and are you married?
3. Occupation and Social Security number.

Your Driving History:

4. How many accidents were your fault?
5. The number of points and traffic violations on your record.

Vehicle Information:

6. What number of cars will you be insuring?
7. Make and model of the vehicle.
8. How frequently is the car driven?
9. Do you own the car?
10. How many drivers in the household will be driving the car?
11. Is the automobile used for business purposes?

Policy Information

12. Do you have a current auto insurance policy?
13. Name of your current insurance provider.
14. When does your policy expire?

Comparing Automobile Insurance Quotes
If you’re in the market for a new insurance carrier with better rates, get a GEICO auto insurance quote and a couple of others. This is the smartest way to determine the going rates. Just make sure, you compare identical types of coverage for an accurate comparison.

When You Should Get a New Auto Insurance Quote
Consider getting new car insurance quotes from if any of the following conditions occur:

15. Improvement in credit score may reduce rates.
16. Marriage.
17. You reach 25 years of age or 50.
18. Complete a defensive driving course.
19. Buy a home that qualifies you for bundling services.
20. Buy a different car that could change rates.
21. Adding teenage drivers to your policy could increase rates.
22. Moving to a new location, which could increase or decrease the cost of insurance.

Benefits of GEICO Auto Insurance
According to GEICO, you should do business with them because:

23. They make a point of settling auto claims fairly and quickly.
24. Our company has a good reputations and is financially stable.
25. There is no middle man, you only deal with GEICO.
26. GEICO believes they have some of the very best insurance rates, and customers can save money with their services.
27. We’re easy to reach, because we’re open every hour and every day of the year.

If you believe you’re overpaying for auto insurance or don’t particularly care for the customer service you’ve been receiving, now may be a good time to get a GEICO auto insurance quote.